1st of all you need to get your cell phone imei number to check your device is approved from pta or not. How to unlock pta blocked phone.

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How to unblock imei number from pta. Apne subse phyle kisi dusre phone se. Please read the whole process carefully and i assure you that after reading this article you can able to unblock your pta blocked mobile phone from pta within 1 day. Imei number which can be checked by any of the following methods:

When you select this option, a new tab will automatically open that will direct you to create a new account and create a new account. Pta is blocking those smartphones which are not registered under the device identification registration and blocking system (dirbs), a system that the authorities launched last year. If you are using the dual sim phone you need to provide both imei numbers of the smartphone that you want to unblock.

First, go to the pta official website by clicking here: Choose the last option to continue with 'online mobile registration.'. Open your browser and go for the pta official site.

On the landing page, you will find the login form. Here’s how you can easily unblock a phone: How to unblock a pta blocked phone.

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Dial *#06# on your mobile. You can see a menu in the bottom right corner. You must approve your phone on pta and pay tax that is liable on that phone.

Guide to unblock pta blocked phone. Once you have clicked this option, you will automatically redirect to a. Ab ek new menu apki screen par aye ga.

How to unlock pta blocked mobile. How to tracking your mobile imei number (international mobile equipment identity) it has includes 14 digits of all costly mobile devices in which the serial number are. How to check cell phone imei number?

It is also printed on your mobile phone’s box. Pick the absolute last alternative “online mobile registration” to continue. Stay tuned till the end to clear all your doubts and to know more.

We will show you a complete guide to approve and unblock your phone from pta. The user can easily unblock their pta blocked phone by following the below mention steps. Choose the very last option “online mobile registration” to proceed.

Time to pay the taxes to unblock your mobile phone following the previous steps, you will now reach the point where you need to pay the taxes for unblocking your device. The following steps tell you how to unblock a blocked phone: Pta say band mobile registration.

If your phone has a removable battery, remove back cover and battery to find the imei number. Enter your name or password if you have already an. How to unblock a pta blocked phone.

Methods that can accomplish unblock an imei (international mobile e. Here’s the way you can undoubtedly open a telephone that has been obstructed by the pakistan telecommunication authority (pta): Provide your contact details such as phone number and the imei number (dial *#06# from the dialer of mobile device, after receiving each 15 digit imei numbers).

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The method is given below: You will see a menu on the bottom right corner of the official pta website. You will see a menu at the bottom on the right side.

There you will see a menu on the bottom right. Follow this link to open the official pta website. The official pakistani websites are pta, cplc and imei pta in this webpage without any difficulty the whole procedure of complaints we are explain under the below check it.

>>>>>online imei unblock tool<<<<< this is the best tool to unblock an imei number. Any other phone you want to register, you will have to pay tax.you must also include your imei number, which can be found on the phone box.after submitting the form, you will receive a text message on your phone giving you details of your psid number and coc id. After that, you have to select the option of online mobile registration from the top right corner.

To unblock a phone blocked by pta, all you have to do is go. How to unblock pta blocked mobile phone. Unblock your pta blocked phone:

How to unblock mobile phone from pta. Go to ‘ settings ‘ and ‘ about phone ‘ section of your smartphone. Is mein 1 type kare ka send par click kare.

You can unblock an imei (international mobile equipment identity) number, by using this tool. Ab apka samne ek menu ay jye ga. Here is how you can unlock a phone that the authorities have blocked:

Open the official site of pta by following this link. To get registered your phone with pta, you need to open the pta official website by following this link. Due to the laws and regulations set by the pta your phone can sometimes get blocked, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

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How to unblock a pta blocked phone because of the laws and guidelines set by the pta, your telephone can some of the time get hindered, however, don’t stress, it’s not the apocalypse. To unblock a phone impeded by pta, you should go through this article and follow the headings.

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